One of the few rooms you can literally lock yourself away in. It can be a place to luxuriate in a long relaxing soak, or be refreshed with a fast shower to face a new day.

Either way, the bathroom is a place where strong and exciting colours, designs and prints can be used should you wish.

It may be, you want to keep the main family bathroom as a place of calm and neutral style, jazzing up the en-suite, or even more so, a small downstairs cloakroom. This can be afforded any manner of quirkiness in its decoration, for unlike either the family or the en-suite, time spent in this smallest of rooms will be minimal. So ... let your imagination go.

As ever, traditional blues, greens and aqua shades evoke a feeling of peacefulness. Combined with wood panel boards a country cottage style can be conjured up. This palette of colours brings the mood of the sea to our watery spaces and can be like that element in mood – calm and romantic, deep and mysterious or bold and tempestuous.

Of course the sea need not dictate the colours of our bathroom. A bold yellow or terracotta will add the sunshine and heat of the Caribbean or Mediterranean along with vivid blue, red and

green. And a sleek black, silver and white can bring a minimalist modernity to a functional room. A rural aspect is easily evoked by some old-fashioned florals in faded tones and patterns. Or go all out and opt for some Roman splendour in purple and gold with opulent swags at the window.  

The bathroom is a space in which we do not spend much time in comparison to the other rooms in the house, but it should not be overlooked (much like hallways, landings and stairs often are) or given little thought as to its decoration and style. 

The bathroom can not only be a small room to show the essence of the rest, but can also be a place to break away from convention. An area selected for the all important “wow” factor or unexpected shock!