Conservatory/Sun Room

With a desire for more space in our homes, a conservatory, or sun room can be an easy way to add extra space. This can then be adapted to function as a separate sitting room, study/workspace or dining room. The benefit of this space is light. But consideration must be given to temperature. Modern design is much better adapted, but there are still those old style ones which are a furnace in the hottest summer weather and the Arctic Tundra in winter. For this, colour should be considered carefully.


A conservatory / sun room will link indoor with outdoor living and thought should be given to this.

 Rich Moroccan blue will work well with a warm yellow or a terracotta along with the green of nature. In effect, the traditional concept of solid walls has changed and has become glass. The view now becomes the 'wallpaper', and plants the accessories. The colours indoor should reflect and compliment this. 

But there is no need to stick hard and fast to rules or to the old cane, wicker or rattan styles of furnishings. This space should be treated like the room you want it to be and furnished and decorated accordingly. The use of outdoor 

items like terracotta pots and garden statuary will always work well. Similarly will the beach hut look of blue and white, accessorised with shells, driftwood and antique glass floats.

But the relatively small area of a conservatory lends itself well to a bit of experimentation and change.