Hall Stairs & Landing

Hallways, stairs and landings may seem like areas you pass through, but a hall will give a first impression of the rest of the house and a landing will aid in linking rooms together. They are the arteries of the home and should not be treated as an afterthought to the rest of the house.


Hallways serve as places where shoes and coats are taken off, keys are laid down, umbrellas are stored and toys may be discarded. With this in mind, storage and hooks are something to be considered.


Inspiring colours can welcome you in and be a backdrop to offer tantalising glimpses of other rooms. This area helps highlight the house and will, from the moment you open the door, establish your personal style.

Think of hallways, stairs and landings as places where a bold statement with accessories or furniture can be made: a large clock, interesting paintings or prints, large mirrors, which can reflect light and give a feeling of space or pieces of coloured glassware. Even some simple flowers from the garden can add a touch of elegance and style.   


No matter what scheme you intend, the aim is to create balance which will carry on through to the rest of the house.


A landing works as a framework for all other rooms; the first impression of which will be

through an open door. This area can also be pressed into use as a small work space with the addition of a desk and chair. Placed near a window, it will afford the best of what natural light is available.


Similarly, a narrow bookcase and chair can provide a designated space in which to relax with your favourite bestseller. The slim width of an average paperback means that even built-in shelving can be unobtrusive.


A hallway, staircase and landing can also be the perfect place to show off a gallery of photographs; family or otherwise, artwork or prints without being overshadowed by furniture or clutter. It can be the ideal space to bring focus to a collection of any kind and highlights the ability of these areas to act as the perfect framework whilst drawing the rest of the house together.



There are a variety of colours which work well to create an impression.


Cobalt Blue

A flash of bright blue to bring the house to life and is a good backdrop for pictures in wooden frames. It combines perfectly with terracotta tiles for a look of the Mediterranean.


Primrose Yellow

A soft feel of the country with its cottagey mellowness. It has a buttery warmth, is almost of a deep cream that can open up the area without being start.


Emerald Green

A colour to bring the richness of nature inside. It can create an instant feel of intimacy with the correct lighting and works well with deep leather and polished natural wood.



A rich dry earth colour that almost radiates the heat of spice. A vibrant baked clay that will set up the expectation of the rest of the house and instantly create drama.


Soft Putty

Retaining the rich shades of terracotta but much more mellow and gentle. A neutral colour that can be anything from warm stone through to latte, or a hint of subtle pink. Restful and inviting it is an alternative to white or cream that can still be stylish.


Antique White

A soft white that works well with any design, be it city or rural. It is a blank canvass for drawing your style and adapts well to highlighting any colour for the lived-in country look or fro a modern sleek design.