Nowadays, the kitchen is the hub of the home. It is an informal gathering place where members of the family or friends can catch up on the news of the day. It is an area that needs to be practical, yet inviting and welcoming. There are as many types of kitchens available as there are manufacturers, but it is always worth considering the possibility of a hand-painted kitchen, either on a new installation, or as a way to revamp tired old wooden units.

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Colour-wise, there are many combinations that can evoke a feeling of style, from the modern sleek surfaces in charcoal, grey or chrome combined with a brilliant white … 


... through to that feeling of country nostalgia.                         ~    ~

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Various effects can be achieved using a number of simple combinations. For example:


                Blue and Red                               Green and Cream 


      Blue and White                                          Mediterranean


Another service which can be offered is the DISTRESSING of units. Below are examples from clients who requested a heavily distressed look. 


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