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Colour Trends

Trends are shifting and we are returning to 

the values of the past and a sense of tradition. 

Having come through the throwaway-and-replace society of late we find ourselves in a new and more caring place.

Make-do and mend has come full circle and looking back enables us to also look forward.

Re-cycle, re-use and up-cycle was the way of life for our parents and grandparents in the past and we are realising that today we can adopt and adapt that to suit our own needs.

We can do what we can to minimise the strain on resources by taking one thing and giving it a new purpose, or adopting an item which has already been well loved and giving it new life.  


So, with an eye on trends we will look at what is reported to be the next range of colour themes


* * Please Note: colours are only a guideline, they should not be taken as exact in any way as saturation 

and monitor colour will effect the way they are represented. * *


  • Forecasters predict that self expression will feature strongly, but in an understated manner.
  • This will be shown through: clean lines and oval shapes, the subtle use of concrete, textured linens and dyed fabrics, smooth pebbled floors and one of a kind, artisan crafted pieces.


Timeless Elegance

For this colour palette, restraint is the key with a nuance of colour in the neutrals. They are subtle and elegant with a timeless quality that fit well with handcrafted pieces. This is the look of less being more, in colour and possessions.


Sophisticated yet Simplified

Again with this look the lines are clean and artful. Shape and structure are important and brought into our environment to complement rather than clash with the surrounding we are creating. These tones are calm and subtle with undertones that are very easy and versatile to give a feeling of flowing from room to room.

Fresh and Optimistic

To bring the feeling of holiday escapism into the home, these colours burst with a fresh clean brightness that refreshes the spirit. They are citrus fruits and shiny jewels, an ethnic kaleidoscope of summer that gives a lift and regenerate our optimism.

Artisan Treasures

The theme of these colours confirms the end of our throwaway society. They are rich yet muted colours from the past; a new beginning but reflecting another era. This palette show the mellow, weathered beauty which has stood the test of time and can be a backdrop to show off treasures found and ready to be re-loved in a new environment. 


Enduring and Rooted

This theme embraces the spirit of community, of the clan and the tribe. These earthy ethnic colours reflect thee rich hues of the elements and are reflective of the seasons. They possess a warmth and security which can turn the small world of our own rooms into spaces we can feel nurtured in.