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American Colonial


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Ø      Extending from the first settlers in the early seventeenth century through to the late eighteenth century. Necessity, along with native skills and crafts brought this scheme into being. It has a look of the country, but with a ‘basic’ feel to it.


Ø      Colours would have been similar to those in Europe at the time but paint technology was not yet an exact science. Walls and ceilings would have been painted matt white and colour given to the woodwork to make it more prominent. Panelling, except for mahogany, would also have been painted.


Ø      Wood is the overriding feature here and shutters should be considered for windows. As most settlers could not afford the bet quality, these too would have been painted.


Ø      Furniture would have been wooden and fairly simple in design – unless you are aiming for the more affluent look for which you could include wing chairs.


Ø      Rag rugs would have been homemade and many nowadays can be bought cheaply enough. An alternative is a painted floor cloth, achieved with thick canvass.


Ø      Curtains were simple tab-tops, now widely available, and of course, a patchwork quilt brings that homespun look to life. Folk patterns can also be adopted on cushions and wall hangings – if you wish to try your hand at some needlework then a sampler can be framed and hung to complete the look.