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Art Deco


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Ø      Following on from Art Nouveau, the Art Deco style was another clean and modern look. While the majority of homes opted for a muted palette of cream, beige and brown, others favoured a more vibrant range and made them fashionable. Suddenly bright orange, yellow, vivid lime and blue were all making an appearance in the home, set off with black lines and curves.


Ø      Wallpaper was not so fashionable during the Art Deco period, but embossed papers did make an appearance, as did geometric patterns and themes of a botanical nature. Walls were often embellished by the application of stencilling, or by the stippling marbling or rag-rolling methods.


Ø      With painted walls being ‘in’, this gave a greater flexibility to decoration. The art of stencilling was used to great effect with long framing lines and curving fan shapes, confined to corner areas. This was carried through in the designs of many pieces of furniture, accessories and on rugs.


Ø      This was the age of Lalique glass and Clarice Cliff pottery. Both typify the era, but many other details can give a room that twenties or thirties feel: statuettes of lithe dancing figures, mainly holding globes, sleek animals, often panthers, long legged flamingos and fan shapes. Try adding long fringing on lampshades or fine shawls. And an elegant palm in a geometrically designed pot gives a touch of glamour.


Ø      The Art Deco period was one of manufacture. There was a strong move away from anything ‘natural’ with lots of silver, chrome and lacquer being used. Mirrors were also popular, mostly frameless and often with a ‘stepped’ design edge.


Ø      For a touch of opulence, try adding some velvet cushions with long tassels, both on furniture and piled on the floor for lounging upon. A half globe, or fan shaped wall light will add style and give the right mood to the lighting.