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Classic English Country House



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Ø      The typical Country House look we have come to love has that quintessential faded, lived-in look that oozes comfort and a relaxed ease of living. Although the colours would at one time have been vibrant and lively, the effect can be achieved by using a much more muted tone. Inspiration comes from outdoor living and nature itself: the faded blue of an over-bleached sky, the yellow of wild buttercups, blousy old-fashioned pink roses and a variety of leafy greens. These, combined with pale stone and the odd accent of dry earth will give you the perfect look.


Ø      Ideally, doors should be panelled, but if not, mouldings can easily be applied to give the look. An open fireplace is a must with a solid surround. Reproductions can be

bought, but try to get the best you can. Windows should have a swathe of curtains, draped to or even slightly onto the floor. And plenty of mismatched, cushions, ideally in faded florals and pale stripes can be scattered around the seating.

Ø      This is a look for which old settees and chairs can be adapted with either loose covers, or by draping large pieces of plain material over, dressed up with travel blankets and throws.

Ø      Decoration can range from the classic plaster bust, stone urn and garden furniture to plates, pretty pieces of coloured glass and leather bound books. 

Ø    Prints of flora and fauna, or of architectural design can be f
ound in antique shops, or photocopied / printed and given a slight staining with tea and a few coffee granules sprinkled to give the aged appearance needed for the look. Frame them in finds from junk shops or boot sales. 




Ø     To complete the Classic English Country House style, vases of flowers should be placed in as many rooms as possible, from small jugs of wild meadow flowers, to big displays of delphinium, verbascum and roses.