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   Get the look


Ø      For this look, it’s time to throw the rule books away and not worry about perfection. From Africa to India, the South American jungles to the Caribbean, this global style of decoration can best be described as eclectic.


Ø      Walls can be painted white to show off artefacts or given the ethnic or rustic feel with an injection of colour; something hot and vivid or a large, unexpected or overall decoration. There’s no need to worry if your walls are open brickwork, stone or rough plaster, this works well on any surface.


Ø      Floorboards stripped bare work best when they are strewn with some authentically designed and patterned rugs. Alternately, rush, coir, seagrass and sisal matting can work just as well to achieve the right feel.


Ø      Invention is the key to decoration and accessorising here. Empty tins, left plain or painted recycle as makeshift planters and rustic vases. Jars make good tea-light and candle holders. No item has to serve for one purpose alone. Use that awkward piece of driftwood or plant support and drape fairy lights on to illuminate a corner; an old plank can suddenly be a shelf or some theme patterned bowls useful for holding some heady scented pot pourri.


Ø      Bamboo, rattan or wicker all work well as furniture or chairs. Make sure to include plenty of tribal patterned cushions and throws.


Ø      Wooden shutters are ideal for windows. But if you opt for fabric then anything goes: shawls, saris, bedspreads either slung from a pole or can be attached to curtain rings by hooks which have teeth-like clips on the end.


Ø      Fretwork panels can easily be bought to cover radiators and mirror frames can be painted and / or decorated with an appropriate pattern to fit your scheme.


Ø      To add to the authentic feel of the design, and to help were space might be at a premium, accommodate overnight visitors in a hammock. Many good ethnic patterned ones are available and are a novel way of providing them with a stay to remember!


                Ethnic style lantern                                                                                         
                                                                                                               Drape lights on a plant support
                                                         Colourful details in the handles