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Ø      This may be a style which is not so widely known, and emanates from Sweden, long before the one we now associate with Scandinavia. It mixes the grand with the rustic, great house with farmhouse. The elevated gentry now fallen on hard times. Today we have almost re-adopted this look as the washout out / bleached board beach house.


Ø      Walls should be painted in pale tones and may be stencilled with swags of beribboned flowers, or vases and bowls of floral and leaf arrangements. But the overall palette should be kept cool and limited.


Ø      Wood, as might be expected, features here. The paint effect on this is quite pallid, a cool ice or Verdi Gris wash to allow the grain to show through giving that aged, bleached feel. Tongue and groove panelling below a dado can be paint ‘washed’ for that bleached effect. And on mirrors some restrained gilding can be applied. Pale floor boards can be lime washed.


Ø      Accessories are sparse; a few well chosen, functional pieces. This is the look for the minimalist. A few textural, natural pieces can be displayed: twigs, cones, shells, driftwood and pebbles. A collection of same colour plates can also enhance the look, displayed symmetrically on a wall or dresser.


Ø      Sofas can be draped with a large cream dustsheet, tucked in and finished off with a variety of pretty coloured cushions.


Ø      Candles securely anchored in earthenware bowls of sand and placed on a table will bring the subtle colours of the room to life.