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Ø      This is one style we tend to associate with mysticism and exoticism. The exciting combination of scarlet and black lacquer, the secrets of Chinese herbal medicine, the monastic lifestyle behind ancient wisdom and of course the seductive nature of the Geisha. These all add up to create a feeling of discovery, yet one of quiet relaxation and contemplation.


Ø      Walls tend to be white. They feature little for decorative purposes in this theme and offer no more than a backdrop to other items. Remember, walls in the east are often just screens. The idea is to create a tranquil space in which to relax.


Ø      Accessorising colours can be inspiring: the yellow of saffron, the orange and deep red of the monk’s robes, the blue of Chinese porcelain and the vibrant green of jade.


Ø      Wall displays should be simple but there is no need for them not to be colourful. A beautiful kimono can be shown off to its full potential on a feature wall. Hang it with a bamboo cane through the arms. Similarly, a long parchment with some well applied calligraphy and motifs, or some simple stencilled birds, typical Oriental scenes or delicate blossom can add much to a plain wall.


Ø      A simple roll-up cane or grass stem blind is a good solution for windows. Alternately, hang some beautiful coloured silks if your budget allows.


Ø      Collections of blue and white plates and jars should be grouped for effect and Chinese style lamp bases with coolie shades are easily sourced.


Ø      If you are lucky enough to have a piece of ornately carved wood or piece of Oriental inspired fretwork, then balanced on four large earthenware pots (filled with sand for stability) and topped with glass will make for an excellent table.


Ø      A paper lantern type shade, a lightweight screen and some well displayed lengths of green cane will complete the look perfectly.