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Ø      With so many Victorian properties available and an abundance of what could be called ‘Victoriana’, adopting this style could be a real pleasure. Much as we think of Georgian colours as being ‘drab’, we tend to think of Victorian colours as ‘gloomy’. 

But this could be due to the poor lighting they were viewed in. Deeper, rich tones are better adapted to dining rooms, drawing rooms and studies, while paler ones are suited to the bedroom.


Ø      A style that was well suited to studies was the Scottish Baronial look. Tartan can be introduced by fabrics and carpeting. Leather upholstery and dark wood completes the look and accessories are ideally: a set of wall-mounted antlers, old guns, armoury, hunting paraphernalia, including an assortment of related prints.

Ø      Drapes were everywhere, in velvet, chenille or a heavy patterned fabric. They were not confined to the windows, but also hung behind doors to prevent draughts. Fireplaces were trimmed with pelmets and shawls were draped over chairs which in turn were decorated with tassels.


Ø      Victorian design used a lot of plaster architectural features: corbels / brackets and  ceiling roses. A favoured decoration was the revival of the Gothic and the use of the acanthus leaf. Today these can be found as good reproductions.


Ø      To complete the look, don’t forget the greenery! Plenty of potted plants such as fern and the famous aspidistra, displayed in a Victorian plant stand.






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