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Ø      In Georgian times, the word often used to describe the decoration was – drab. This was due to the lack of technology. Most paints had a lead base and were applied mostly for protection. Bright paint would have cost much more than muted colours, therefore it was used sparingly. The art of gilding was applied to add a touch of grandeur. By the end of the century, dye production improved and brought with it, sky blue, pink and Chinese yellow. Walls until this time would have been coloured with a chalky pea-green, grey, stone, biscuit, dusky pink or eau-de-nil, while panelling would have been coated to look like a more expensive wood.


Ø      Walls were divided into three areas: dado /  mid-wall / frieze. Print rooms were fashionable, and are easy to recreate. The use of Adam-style round or oval plaques in plaster were used symmetrically around a room or along a hallway. Another decoration was the silhouette in black frames. For a modern twist, have one commissioned of you and your family.


Ø      Roller or festoon blinds at the window would have been acceptable and a swag and tail pelmet can add authenticity. Muslin can be swaged to one side.


Ø      Mirrors were also a Georgian feature. They should ideally be in carved and gilt frames and placed around the room, particularly over the fireplace. A long extra-tall mirror, called a pier glass was often situated in the space between two windows.


Ø      Loose covers in ticking fabric can be used over chairs or footstools. Or a modern wing chair can be adapted by covering in damask.