Sitting Room

As this is the room you will spend most of your waking time in, it needs to be adaptable and pleasing. It is a showcase for visitors and a reflection of your individuality and character. Therefore, it needs to be right.

What you aim to achieve is a sense of ‘natural’ style. Of course this will depend upon personality, and the decoration should be tailored around this factor.

t may be that a feature wall is crying out for some dramatic wallpaper or a bold colour, complimented by contrasting accessories. Or perhaps a feeling of calm would be better suited, and the use of neutral walls here will show off pieces of furniture and belongings to their best advantage. 

A sitting room needs to be adaptable to your needs as it will serve different purposes at different times of the day. Warm and buttery shades can take the feeling of cold from a north-facing room while the cooler slate blues and greys will help make a south-facing room or area with ample sun more soothing.

It is not only the walls which are to be considered when decorating but the woodwork too.

This can extend to the floor and painted floorboards can be a good background to show rugs and matting off to their best advantage using a pale, neutral or soft white. This will enable wall colours to be changed more often without the inconvenience of having to also change the floor colour.