Nowadays these rooms are almost essentials in their own right. With more people working from home, a designated space is required to keep all those essential ‘work’ items, not only in one place, but separate from the living areas of the house.


Studies however, can take many forms. If lucky enough, they can be adopted from a spare bedroom. But if space is of a premium, they can be gleaned from the area beneath a staircase or tucked into a corner or hallway.


The purpose of a study may be to inspire, in which case it can be a room that can withstand bolder more vivid colour or pattern. Or it may be a place of contemplative thought or intensity of concentration, where a more neutral shade will lessen the stress and bring calm to the working environment. But let’s not forget that the purpose of a study is to take us away from our everyday life, and this extends to areas for homework.

A study is a workspace and an area we should not be too precious about – it is a place of industry after all, and needs to reflect this. Shelving and storage will keep related items and paperwork together and hidden in folders etc., while the active part is employed.

If the executive style is not called for, then this lends itself perfectly to the use of painted and distressed pieces of furniture and seating.


Some colours which help to inspire   

Spring Green

Associated with regeneration and growth, it has a tranquil quality that brings equilibrium and harmony together. This colour is refreshing when the shades are muted, soft and pale, they can even be deep, so long as they are not acid, lime or vibrant in tone.


Russet Red

The autumnal shades of the hedgerows and scattered leaves can bring a warm and mellow feel to this space. Along with touches of berry reds it brings a vibrancy to help stimulate and energise. Red is the colour of action and energy, of decision making and invigoration.


Neutral Earths

Neutral colours in contrast will offer a more soothing, reflective mood. They help to be grounding by their traditional nature. These are a good backdrop for lots of wood shades, tan leather and old faded book binding shades.


Sunshine Yellow

 The colour to bring out the best in us! Associated with optimism and enthusiasm it can be intellectually stimulating. The reflective quality is good for rooms with morning light as this will charge the space as an invigorating working environment. However, with this in mind, should the room be intended as a place to wind down and relax after a stressful day, then perhaps a different colour should be chosen.


                    On the wall                                                                Keep it tidy






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